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Tuesday, November 18, 2014


A few months ago, someone phoned to tell me I had been appointed to a kind of council / board / executive of Rather Important People, and to ask if I would be willing to accept the appointment.

So ... um ... that was startling. 

Anyway, it turns out I need to be familiar with a whole new language in order to participate: acronyms. Maaaaany of them. And I'll be honest with you - Russian is easier. At least when I'm surrounded by my Russian-speaking friends in Ukraine, I can always get away with shrugging nonchalantly and saying, "да, конечно".

So I thought I'd try a few acronyms OMO (of my own). I guess we're allowed to do that?

Here we go:

On my calendar over the next week or two: WT at CF, with S&S the next week, and SFS the week after that. Last week I was at the SCC's AGM right after a full day at WOD - I met our new CC, among other people. Tomorrow is GFB pick-up day, and also a meeting in ASL. Fortunately I'll be back for Friday's BWTP ... oh, wait, the WHS is coming, and I need to let them in. I almost double-booked them with DPM, but don't worry - all is well. Our GF was a little low this week ... sigh ... but it'll come back.

It always comes back.

At any rate, I have a CC due before tomorrow night's SOC class, so I'd better get going. TTYL!

(до завтра)

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