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Friday, November 21, 2014

how to make an introvert smile

I was in meetings for most of this week, down the road in The Big Smoke. The meeting-makers graciously provided me with a hotel room, which meant I didn't have to travel back and forth in that white stuff that kept drifting down from the skies.

And hooray for that.

Hooray also for a room
in which everything was perfectly provided,
the pillows didn't fight back,
and sounds from without did not penetrate my walls.

There was a lot of information in those meetings. A lot of introductions to people I didn't know, and re-connections with people I hadn't seen in a couple of decades. A bit like sipping from a fire hose. 

I heard that phrase recently, and decided to make use of it.

All of it was enjoyable, but I'll confess that at the end of each day, I was grateful to be able to retreat back to the quiet peace of a truly beautiful room, with a view of the snowy city. I opened the curtains wide and curled up with a chamomile tea while catching up on other work throughout the evening, or ridiculously early in the morning.


So thankful.

Happy Outrage-Free Friday to you.

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