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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

yesterday - a photo essay

Yesterday I finally decided to tackle the slow-to-almost-stopped drain in our bathroom sink.
Liquid Plumr had tried ... I presume ...
but that pricey little bottle had not solved the problem.

So I took a deep breath and decided to tackle it the old-fashioned way.

Just empty the cupboard and take off that little black cap on the bottom of the trap.

That's all.
I've done it before.
How hard can it be?

First, empty the cupboard.

Not quite the right tool, but surely it will work.

Pop a blood vessel. 

Try another tool then.
Perhaps if I grunt loudly while expending effort.

That little cap is hanging on with every ounce of its being.

Glare in frustration.

Yell a bit.

Attempt to remove the little cap by hand,
when it wouldn't even budge with the previous two tools.
Because that's logical.

No it isn't.
I remember Grade 11 physics and levers.
If you can't do it with leverage, you definitely can't do it without.

Google is my friend.

Let's go out in a windstorm and find one of these.

Note the little descriptive comment:
"You know - the ones you are supposed to be able to hand tighten and loosen them."
Poor grammar.
But the sentiment fits.

They had one of those, but I hesitated,
unsure that another tool of the same ilk was the answer.

Hey, this little thing has been helpful before.

And heeeeyyyyy ... this $4 doohickey looks ridiculous.

I scoff.
Surely my drain needs more sophistication.

And yet ... it has a strangely attractive boldness in its claims.
So tempting.

I bought it.

Totally worked. In seconds.

Didn't even need the other thing, but it's saved for future use.


This has been a running pastor's Monday.


Anonymous said...

and how did the chocolate factor in?

Patti said...

I ate a handful of chocolate chips between glares. Only one handful, which I thought was commendable.

No photo evidence available.