"All words are symbols that represent unspeakable realities. Which is also why words are magical." (Donald Miller tweet)

Friday, November 14, 2014


I like to journal.
I've written prayers, thoughts, dreams, rants, notes ... for years.
I have a shelf of journals.

I like the feel of actual paper and pen.

And I like carefully selecting the exact right journal for the moment I'm in.

That involves standing for a loooooong time in front of shelves at a bookstore,
handling and examining all the options in turn,
as I think about where my life is at.

If the right journal isn't there, I'll wait until another day.
I've never purchased the same one twice.

This time, I had some birthday money tucked away.

Usually I sigh over at least one journal, refusing to pay the ridiculous price.
But this time - well, the moment I'm in involves some crazy big and weighty dreams.
They're kind of extravagant.

So I went all-out on a crazy big and weighty journal.

With metal clasps.

It's kind of extravagant. Perfect.

Oh ... imagine the things that will be written here ... !


old_black said...

Beautiful! The only problem I would have with this is finding suitable quality material to write that would match the quality of the book. But my writing tends to be superficial and prosaic . . .

Patti said...

Surely you jest, old black. ;) I love your thoughtful, observant writing!