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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

why my week is fantastic

Earlier today, I posted on Twitter and Facebook that I was wildly joyful and dancing (not metaphorically) with thankfulness.

Here's why:

*Last night's Board meeting was full of laughter, great conversation and passion for the future. We managed to set a budget for 2015 that allowed for all kinds of new possibilities, with very little increase in costs.

Every time we have a Board meeting,
I thank God for the Board we have.
Not all Boards work together with such vision and unity.
Ours does.
It's pure joy.

*Last night, mid-Board meeting, my recently-hired Assistant Pastor got confirmation of a FANTASTIC new place to live - this was huge - she needed a place by December 1. This place is a perfect fit AND the right price. There was quite a bit of cheering about that.

I'm awfully proud of her.
She's no fragile piece of fine china.
She's strong and smart, and faces life with a sense of humour
(although the laughter was beginning to sound a bit strained
before that phone call last night).

*You may remember this post, in which I mentioned how my church was working to send help to Ukraine. We had been working towards November 9 as "the big day" when we would bless the socks ONTO Ukraine. We announced it on the first Sunday in September. Between that Sunday, and 2 PM today ... well ... a jaw-dropping $10,464 came in, from my little urban church of less than 100 people, mostly on very tight budgets; and from some of you who wanted to be part of it too. (Also 16 scarves, also for Ukraine, knitted by a woman in our Deaf congregation.)

I don't quite get how that dollar amount happened.
But ... it did.
And if you think I didn't dance wildly in my office today
before signing and mailing that cheque ...
... well, you don't know me as well as you think.

And one last reason why my week is fantastic:

*After last night's Board meeting, I asked that very same Assistant Pastor for the notes she had taken for the meeting. She looked startled. "Don't you want me to type and file them?"

First time in 14 years (give or take)
that I haven't been responsible for at least one step
of taking, typing and filing Board minutes.
That's HEAVEN, baby!!

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