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Thursday, November 27, 2014

grey bits

Oh hey, look at that.

Those really gleaming bits - those are grey.

Whoa, and there's a whole splash of grey, right there on the front.

I remember, years ago, telling my adventurous, glamorous friend Tracy
that I had always wanted red hair.

Not brash or sassy red. More auburn.
There was a girl in my grade 6 class with auburn hair.
I longed to be her.
I thought she was beautiful.

"Colour it," she said.

Like it was nothing.

I gasped. "I could never. I'd be terrified. What if it looks awful??!!"

She shrugged delicately and laughed, lounging on the sofa.

She's a fabulous lounger.
Looks like a movie star out of a black and white movie.

"If it looks awful, colour it again. That's what I do."

So I did.

Just for fun.

Dark blonde to copper to auburn to deep chestnut and back again. Can't quite visualize the natural colour anymore. Oh well. Apparently it's turning grey anyway. The colour is no longer entirely "just for fun".

Pause to consider if this impacts my inner being.





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