"All words are symbols that represent unspeakable realities. Which is also why words are magical." (Donald Miller tweet)

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

sacred words

This past weekend, the church which I pastor hosted a joint Muslim-Christian-Jewish event. Three speakers, one from each group, shared regarding the way in which women are valued in their faith. All of us - men, women, children - in one space, building friendships, finding common ground, while respecting differences and holding to our own beliefs.

One pulled out a guitar, sang a couple of songs.

And there was homemade baklava at the end.

Each speaker referenced the sacred text of their faith. It matters to us, you know. People of faith treasure our scriptures. That value shows in different ways. My Bible, a gift from my parents when I went to school, is literally falling apart now, from years of use.

Sometimes I wonder what scripture looks like to people who don't share my faith. For example, this is what I read today.

I don't know how that sounds or looks to you. I'd like to know, especially if you are of a different faith, or no particular faith.

I'm almost afraid to ask,
because I'm not interested
in commenters preaching
at each other.

Or at me.

I just would love to know how it sounds to you, I guess.

For me - a follower of Jesus - it re-orients my soul and is a deep breath of fresh air at the start of a Wednesday.


old_black said...

I've paused the reading of a book to read your blog, Patti. (This is my before-work quiet time of self indulgence!). The book is about the very deep relationship between two women. I like the book very much and I'm envious of the women. I've just reached a point in the story, however, where the relationship starts to go bad.

Now, reading what you've written, I find a remarkable similarity between the relationship you have with your god, and the deep, close relationship between the women. I'm envious of your experience.

But my experience of relationships is such that distance and breakdown is the inevitable outcome, just as seems to be happening between these women. If I were to read a book that described a relationship without such traumas, I'd dismiss it as romantic and unrealistic. I guess I have that issue in connection with the relationship you're describing...it is completely beyond my experience of the world.

Patti said...

hi old black - thanks, truly, for sharing honestly what you see. I'm always curious to know. :) And I'm rather touched that you would include my blog in your before-work quiet time - I have a similar time, so I know what it is to pick and choose what gets those minutes!

My experience of relationships with people has included trauma and breakdown, for sure. Life can be very difficult. I've been so grateful when I've been able to rebuild with someone again, although it doesn't always happen. When it does, I find the relationship can be stronger than it was before. But I agree - a relationship story without tough moments isn't very believable.

With my God - my experience has had some very rough spots, and moments where faith was tissue-paper thin, and hanging on by the thinnest of threads. In those times - it wasn't this scripture that helped me. I didn't know what to do with it.

Rather it was the scriptures that reminded me that terribly weak and broken faith could be part of the journey, and that God was not surprised or dismayed by it. In those times, I have found that to be the most helpful of all.

Anonymous said...

At this time in my life I eem to be spending a really large amount of time alone. I don't always like being alone. i am asking for direction and yes, i have asked why. God knows i'm asking on the inside anyway so I now verbalize it. I needed to read those words you wrote. Thanks for posting and thanks for being a friend.

Patti said...

hi anonymous - i'm sorry ... those times can be really rough, i know. Praying, and asking God to be very near to you, and to help you connect with people again. hugs to you!