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Friday, January 22, 2016

a kinda perfect day

Mes parents sont ici!

For a whole weekend, they're visiting. 

Our first guests in Montreal. 

We took a little trek to the top of Mount Royal. 

Oh my. 

Quelle vue!

Who knew you could bring a lunch and find a cozy spot in front of a window with a magnificent view? (I know. Everyone knew. We didn't.)

It would appear there's a special affection for squirrels. 

Even at Maison Smith, where the historic paintings on the wall include squirrels. 

Why was there a squirrel on a chair in the water in 1643?

Also a squirrel watched the band in 1876.

After that we took a little trek down Rue Sherbrooke. 

Where ...

I got myself un petit chapeau. C'est très jolie. 

Oh la la!

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loulou said...

I am so glad to see you have your first guests!!! It looks like it was an amazing afternoon. I LOVE the views!! When we first moved out here and i saw the size of the squirrels out here I told my family they were on steroids. Maybe all those explorers had never seen squirrels that size either. They are very intimidating to newcomers. Enjoy your beautiful new hat and have a coffee for me.