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Friday, March 18, 2016

puppy play

A long time ago, I learned about five "love languages". Ways people communicate love.

They are: gifts ... quality time ... physical touch ... words of affirmation ... acts of service. 

Andie's a quality-time kind of puppy. She looooves to play. Not so much by herself. With somebody.

The first night she was here, exploring, she accidentally nosed the XBox touch-sensitive power button, which made a startling little beep. 

Now - she's figured it out. And if she feels we have gamed or watched Netflix long enough, she casually wanders over, brushes her nose against that power button, shutting it off, and then looks at us expectantly. 

"Wanna play?"

It's hilarious.

We call this guy Rudy Roadkill. 

And it's a good thing we have an open stretch in our apartment. 

For the chasing of balls.

She brings the ball back and dares us to try to get it from her. If we can't get past the sharp puppy teeth, she noses it away from her just a little bit - "Come on. Try."

"Look, I rolled it away. Just tryyyyyy...."

And then she buries it deeply in her bed,, with lots of snuffles and snorts, head nearly disappearing. 



Fran hoppa said...

Andie is very cute and it seems very clever. She will keep you on your toes

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Oh my gosh Andie is absolutely adorbale!!! :)