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Monday, March 14, 2016

that time when

Remember that time I had the chance to speak at a conference out west ... and separately, someone wanted to interview me ... and separately, someone else wanted me to write an article ... and it all happened around the same time that we moved to a new city and a new church, and then got a new puppy?

Yeah. That time.

It's been quite a time.

It's why I've been a little bug-eyed.
And also why I've been barely blogging.
Or running.

At any rate, the article I wrote for these guys was generously shared by them as a blog post for someone else, and if you want to read THAT, it's right here.

And if you do read it and think, "Heeeeyyyyy ... I'm sure I've heard her say some of that before, somewhere," you're not crazy. Some of my most long-standing thoughts started out as rambling rants in this space or over coffee with someone.

I'm nothing if not consistent.

And if instead, you think, "You know ... I'm good. I know her. I can probably guess what she said. And instead of sitting inside reading a blog post she wrote for someone else, I'm heading outside to find a beautiful dark roast coffee to enjoy with a chocolate croissant," then you're my kind of people. Because GUESS WHAT??!!!! It feels spring-y in ma nouvelle ville!

I know, I KNOW, it might well snow again before the sunshine finally wins. But yesterday? Yesterday was lovely. And today seems awfully nice too.

Yay :)

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