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Friday, June 25, 2010

oceanic philosophy

Edit: Guess who just phoned me? And left a comment on my blog? Jason from Xerox. He called to say thanks for giving him good comments - personally, I think that if the president of Xerox moves on - Jason should TOTALLY get the job. And now back to our regular programming.

J-Blue and I have been talking. We're solving the problems of the world. It's our own little G2 summit, and we don't even have security or protesters or fake lakes. As summits go, ours is fairly low-key, and therefore, far more effective.

Here is what we've come up with.

"Even a really big fish is dwarfed by the ocean."

Deep, isn't it? Deep like the depths of the ocean, that's what. Terribly profound.

Here's what it means.

When a "big fish" kind of person is rudely taking over the little pond in which you may be swimming, just remember that there's a far bigger world out there - an ocean, if you will - and even whales can't take over the whole ocean.

That just changed your life, didn't it? I knew it would.

You're welcome.

1 comment:

Guinwalla said...

This is so, completly true! Nothing's more correct than this. Whales are just another sea-creature. The other, smaller creatures DO NOT have to take all the whale's flubber. It just has a spout and sprays to showoff, but none of the others are caring. They have thier own lives to live- they don't have to have their lives controlled FOR THEM by the whales!!!! Anyway, there you go again- being your smart, supportive (and more!) self!!!!!