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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

barfing bands

"Well, I heard they throw up, so I really wanted to see them."

This is an honest-to-pete (whoever pete is) quote from the Punk, recently returned from an annual music festival where thousands of people and hundreds of bands camp together for a week, happily blowing their own ears off with sound while they race in mass circles and play something called buck-buck.

I don't go to this festival.

Spike goes. He's played there the last few years, and he loves it. Crowds, kids, costumes, camping, and concerts - it's his idea of heaven, I suspect. (Although heaven wouldn't sunburn his red-headed pale-skinned physicality.) For Spike and I, heaven is an odd combination of quiet piano jazz, and loud hard rock screaming. With roller coasters. And a completely intact ozone layer.

Spike and the Punk travelled separately, but they saw each other there. Coincidentally, although they travelled separately, I was the first person each of them saw on their respective returns. Both, when I asked "how was it?" immediately started babbling and laughing about this band, who apparently throw up (or cause others to) as part of the show. Thus the aforementioned matter of fact quote.

If you're like me, wishing you were cool, knowing you probably aren't, and wondering WHAT THE HECK THAT IS ABOUT ... click here. Or here. Or talk to Spike. He knows things I don't.

And if you decide to go to Cornerstone next year - say hi to Spike and the Punk.

Because I'm really not going.


chRistine said...

wow. totally not my thing!

jarod said...

I couldn't see that show either. Just one more thing I guess we have in common. If I see people who...upchuck...it takes substantial and an ongoing effort on my part to not go forth and do likewise.

Minor correction (as one who has and continues to play the game) it's spelled buk-buk (at the festival) and happens every day at 4:15 until about 5:00. There are some pretty specific rules that ensure safety and fun.

As weird as it looks, the game is quite fun. As a result of playing it I have built relationship with more than a dozen people who regularly play from year to year. It is really cool to see the smile on everyone's faces as they see and recognize people that played last year. (I even got to be a team captain this year)

I'm not sure that video is current as 4 of the five days they played it we had members on both teams and I didn't notice them.

For those interested we need to do 2 things.

1. Bring this game to Canada and play regularly (my triceps have not hurt like this in a long time)
2. Try to enrich the game with some some variant like...synchronized buk-buk.


Meredith said...

For those who enjoy more refined things, the Gallery Stage at Cornerstone has jazz and acoustic bands... and perfectly extracted espresso.

I think the best moment of this year was seeing Iona (Enya's sister) and her band - they've been playing Celtic music for twenty years and were finishing off a North American tour with a 2-hour show at the Gallery stage. Phenomenal.

Though I rocked my own face off and played buk-buk, and saw the barfing band too!

Soozin said...

I Looooooove the Fest.. and your Spike's Band.. LOL! AND I am from Niagara originally how bizarre is that??
just thought I would say hey since I read your blogs last night and was telling my husband how absolutely hilarious your writing is.
take care!

Patti said...

Hey Soozin - cool, i LOVE new readers!! i glanced at your profile and saw Simcoe - as in, the town?? Cuz that's where I grew up :)

Anonymous said...

Simcoe County to be exact but I know where simcoe town is too LOL! I lived in St. Catharines for 30 years before we moved up to Wasaga Beach, that is just North of Barrie.. sort of near Collingwood.

Patti said...

spike's got family up in that area :)