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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

me and my purse

When I went to Ukraine, I switched purses. I don't switch purses often. For me, switching purses is a recipe for disaster as keys get left in one, a wallet gets left in another, and chapstick disappears altogether.

I've been using a purse here at home that I rather dislike, but not with enough passion to bother replacing it. It wasn't big enough for its intended use in Ukraine, so I switched to an older, bigger purse that would do the job. Note: That older, bigger purse has holes in the lining, so keys and chapstick make their way UNDERNEATH the bottom of the purse, but still within the lining. It requires some finger-type gymnastics and a tiny metal detector to retrieve them.

Still ... I like this purse better. So I've been back from Ukraine for 21 days, and I still haven't switched back.

Today, I arrived at work and stood at the door fumbling for my keys. I was holding a large plastic container with leftover pizza in it (for lunch) and balancing a travel mug filled with coffee on top of it. At the same time, I was trying to discard an empty McDonald's coffee cup into the garbage can beside me, which, of course, required removing the lid from the garbage can. And my keys were buried in the nether regions of my purse's lining.

Not for one second did I consider setting anything down. That's crazy talk. Only reasonable people do silly things like that.

Instead, I attempted to balance too many things and dig into my purse all at the same time, until ... I watched my travel mug slowly lean to the left, and tumble firmly into my open purse, upside down.

I think it might be time to switch purses now. Meanwhile, if I owe you money, enjoy my personal customized coffee-stained cheque.

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Anonymous said...


Reminds me of when I actually remembered to bring an umbrella, still knew where it was when I had to leave, managed to not have it turn inside out in a driving rainstorm, succeeded in continuing to have it shelter me as I wedged into the driver's seat, and then promptly closed it so that all the water on top dumped directly on me, causing unrighteous language.

Just a thought...you might put a new purse on a Christmas list, complete with desired dimensions and features...