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Monday, March 14, 2011

gaming with Louie

We have company today.  The Punk is on March Break, so he and Spike are (they tell me) killing zombies to keep me safe while I work on a paper.

Louie was very excited, waiting for The Punk to arrive. He was waiting at the entrance to the media room.  (Side Note: Spike came upstairs a few minutes ago to thank me ... once again ... for his media room.  How nice is that???)

Louie makes friends quickly.  He took my seat between the two boys on the couch, since I don't really have the appropriate level of rage (as you may have heard) to commit zombie-murder. You'll notice that Spike already had his zombie-killing face on.  The Punk is much more frightening.  He kills with an easy smile.

Louie had a controller too.  What, you thought he was just going to watch?  He's not that kind of sheep. He wants in on the action.

Come to think of it, we didn't give him any pizza though.

Louie's gonna be ticked.


ChubbyNINJA said...

That is the most Awesome sheep i ever did see

chRistine said...

this reminded me of louie:


Bob said...

funny video
Louie is pretty fluffy :)

Patti said...

Louie IS pretty fluffy, I'll grant you. (And squishy too.) But he doesn't do drugs. And I wonder if the sheep in the video maybe are a little strung out... :)

Heehee :D

Anonymous said...

Notice how Louie likes the ps3 over the xbox ;) just thought I should point that out haha and he is surprisingly fluffy

-the punk

Patti said...

See, Punk, that's why I love you. You've got an eye for detail. ;)

Derbecker said...

Did anyone look at Louie after 10pm and say "I think it's pasture bedtime...?"

Patti said...

Groaning...Derbecker, how many of these one-liners do you have? Because I'm greatly enjoying them!