"All words are symbols that represent unspeakable realities. Which is also why words are magical." (Donald Miller tweet)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

in the fine print

You know that whole "check the fine print" thing?

Check THIS fine print.

Yesterday, while talking to my mortgage broker, we had some confusion about dates. She wanted to set up my payment dates starting on a Sunday. I thought that was odd, since we always pay on a Monday. I mentioned that, and she said, "It IS a Monday." Awkward silence as we each waited for the other to realize she was wrong. Then I flipped my calendar page from August ... to September ... to October ... back to September. And realized that although August and October are both accurate, the entire month of September is off by a day.


The last week or so, I've been packing eggplant in basil and garlic. I discovered this recipe last year and it was simply beyond yummy. I couldn't wait to make it again this year. This morning, as I worked away, I noticed that the red wine vinegar I've been using has a line of small print which includes the words raspberry-flavoured. Not sure if that's going to be awful or awesome. But it's done now.


The day before yesterday, our City Councilor tweeted the astonishingly good news that after months of hard work, he had re-established free parking at a paid parking lot for Farmers Market customers. Yesterday, he tweeted an apology and an explanation that the word free should not have been part of that tweet. What he meant was he established an area close to the Farmers Market that would have two-hour limits, thus a perfect fit for Farmers Market customers. But it's not free.


May your day be fine-print-free today!


Cassie Jackson said...

I think my life is full of those fine print moments. LOL!
Good blog Patti.
I have a blog too. Mine is the focus to be organized, for all us people who must work at the skill.

Rita said...

This certainly hits the mark with those of us who have "sometimes" or "part-timers" or whatever term you want to use for older forgetfulness.

I had one of those moments tonight when I checked the expiration date on a tub of cream cheese in my refrigerator and saw that the date was 01-12 and not the 10-12 I thought I read in the store.

patti said...

Hey Cassie & Rita - thanks for coming by! :)

Rita - I'm not sure age is the issue, judging by the sour cream in MY fridge.

Cassie - your organizational skills leave me speechless. I noticed your blog a while ago, through FB, just hadn't commented yet. :)