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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

chip or dale?

I have a new critter.

You know there have been critters on this blog.

The kittens.

A bunny.

A peregrine falcon. (Probably good it wasn't in the yard at the same time as the bunny.)

And possibly Mr. Tumnus.

Surprisingly, it would appear that I have not blogged about the raccoons or the squirrels. I'll have to do that sometime ... if you haven't heard the stories, you will laugh!

But I have a new critter. A chipmunk.

Not the slow chubby kind that has been fed by humans since birth.

He's a skinny little thing that moves at the speed of light and can stop on a dime.

Yesterday I saw him again on the deck, on the edge of a planter. Now if he had been a squirrel ... well, that's another story to be told someday ... but he's a chipmunk. He's adorable. He can stay. And he snuggled into the planter, right under the alyssum.

He was so busy under there that I managed to sneak outside and across the deck undetected, while he busied himself within his personal Garden of Eden, moving about under the blooms, evidently dusting and tidying the place. Finally I said, "Um...excuse me...hey!" And up popped his head, cheeks bulging ridiculously. He looked like a cartoon. I burst out laughing and he was gone - probably to blog about the giant monster looming over the edge of his garden.


Sheepdog said...

The blogging chipmunk! hahaha!!!

Kelly said...
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jarod said...

We do a number of properties that when you walk into the back yard with a mower or other machine you see a flurry of furry motion and little things darting this way and that.

Thankfully they do not feel the need to dart this way and that in front of the machines, only froggies do that. Oh, and snakes.

Anonymous said...

The Mr. Tummis link led back to a post in which you 'tricked yourself to run'. I've noticed a rarity of mentions of running in 'running pastor' recently? How's the running going?

Your (lurking) Ottawa uncle

Anonymous said...

Lurking is now known as creeping.

Patti said...

hello lurking Ottawa uncle! i've answered your question in the next post, entitled "okely dokely then" - enjoy!


and say hello to the fam!