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Saturday, January 22, 2011

#501 - a clip show

Note: Over the years, I've changed my blog background a few times. If you can't read the text on an old post, that's why. Just click and highlight while you read - it makes the invisible visible. A miracle!

It all started here, September 15, 2006. I was blonder than I am now, apparently. I had been thinking of blogging for awhile, and started without telling a single soul. Figured there was a good chance I'd run out of things to say in about a week and a half.

Over the years, I've talked about my dentist, my chiropractor and my job.

Every now and then I've been briefly thoughtful, but I haven't done that often. This moment of thoughtfulness held a lot of discussion, which I had forgotten about. For the record, I'd like to note with relief that my opinion expressed in that particular post hasn't really changed.

This was one of my favourites - the story of finding the house I love. It included a random toilet. A lot of gardening has happened at this house. Always an adventure.

There was a brief foray into politics, which still amuses me. A number of interesting Blissed moments. A funeral-related injury. Your standard I'm-a-superior-Canadian-look-how-well-I-drive-in-snow rant. A less superior moment in which my brain left, and my mouth kept going.

I've done a few songs and poems. Spike's injuries are always a great story. Icecubes. Deep fried pickles. Patriotic socks. Jim Balsillie. Ikea. School joys and polynomials. And moments in my life I will never get back.

J-Blu, the Punk and the Bean are all favourites of mine. I love them to bits, but don't tell them. They get all embarrassed. Of course there is my Famous Author Cousin.

And Bob requested my okely-dokely Flanders-ism post, which took place as our basement flooded.

To those who have been here from the start - thanks for hanging around. To the newbies - welcome to my history. To the lurkers - maybe drop a comment now and then. Surely by now you know I don't bite!

1 comment:

vjc said...

Wahooo!! I made the clip show! You have no idea how many fingernails I lost hoping I'd be there and rehearsing the "it's-an-honor-to-be-nominated" speech, but really knowing that I WANTED it to happen!!

Just kidding - thoroughly enjoyed the trip down some memory lanes. Your blog is without a doubt my absolute favorite and I'm glad you've kept with it for 501 posts.

P.s. I notice Millhouse didn't make it to the clip show. Feeling oddly triumphant but slightly unnerved by the fact that he may be watching me with that vindictive stare right now ...